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How Do I Glue This to That? January 13, 2010

Posted by Deb Kosiba in resources.

It’s strange.  People ask me glue related questions all the time.  Co-workers come downstairs at work to ask what would be the best glue for different non-work projects, like fixing shoes or boat parts.  I even had someone call me on my day off to ask about glue.  I’m not going to go into the long-winded philosophies of various adhesives here.  Instead, I will link to a great glue resource, thistothat.com.

It’s simple.  Choose from drop down lists what you would like to glue together, and the site will give you a couple of options.  They provide additional information like the clarity of the glue, drying times, stiffness and ease of use.  There are links to more information on each glue type suggested, such as toxicity, price, and links to the manufacturers web sites.

It’s a great resource that I’ve been telling people about for years.  Is there a web site you find incredibly useful when making your SF&F 3-D Art?  I’m sure others would love to know about it too!  Contact me and I’ll post it here.



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