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How do we get Megan Auman to Chicago? March 3, 2010

Posted by Deb Kosiba in Business, resources, social networking.

Megan Auman is a big cheese in the online crafting community.    She has a blog called Crafting an MBA where she shares her extensive crafting business knowledge with the rest of us crafters.  Go read it.  I’d say go now, I’ll wait, but her blog is so full of useful knowledge and excellent links to other resources, that you will be  a while and may forget to come back.

She recently posted that she is going to be offering a course called Business Basics for Artists, Makers & Designers.  It’s a 3 hour class covering all the business details that overwhelm all of us getting started in the crafty biz.

The problem is that it is in Pennsylvania.

So I responded to her post, half  joking “You need to bring this class to Chicago so I can take it.”

To my wonderful surprise, she responded “I’d love to come to chicago – any recs for guilds, schools, or groups i could work with to offer the class?”

Well, suddenly I felt like a guy who asks the girl who is way out of his league for a date, and the girl responds “Sure!”

Er, ah..stammer, um.  Wow!

The problem is that I’m really new to the Chicago crafting scene.  I started in December and I’ve been to one meeting of the Chicago Craft Mafia, and that’s about it.  I’ve also heard about The Chicago Style Crafters but I wasn’t able to attend their January meeting.   I haven’t been around long enough to have learned where all the great crafting resources are in the Chicago area yet.

So I’m asking the internet, because the internet knows all…Do you have any recommendations for guilds, schools, or groups she could work with to offer the class in the Chicago area?

You can leave any ideas you have here in the comments, or go to my contact page, or you can email me directly at deb (at) bigblued (dot) com.  I’d love to know what you know!



1. Luci - March 3, 2010

I like her blog and would also enjoy a workshop from her (I’m in Kenosha.)

I’m pretty sure Etsy has a team of Chicago crafters. There are sewing/quilting guilds and probably guilds for tons of other crafts.

Feel free to email me about this.

Deb Kosiba - March 7, 2010

The Chicago Style Crafters is the Chicago Etsy team. They’ve only had one meeting since I learned about them and I was already booked that day. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to the next meeting. I’ll email you.

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