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Pricing Followup January 22, 2010

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A couple of days ago I wrote  this post, because this post by Megan Auman had me really thinking about how we price our work, and why there is the expectation that we should sell it for far less than it’s worth.

As it turns out, it touched a sore spot in a lot of us, and I wasn’t the only one who had a similar reaction to her post.  Megan has since posted a roundup of links.  Some, like mine, are specifically tied to the conversation Megan started.  Others touch on the real social costs of the “Cheap” mentality.  Go check it out.


Coming at the Problem the Long Way December 29, 2009

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A couple years back I decided that, at some point, I wanted to create a fanzine for science fiction and fantasy artists that work in 3-D.  There is plenty of places for a 2-D artist to get exposure, such as book covers and the covers of fanzines.  However, 3-D art tends to get overlooked.   We needed a place where we could discuss the tools of our trade, review conventions and art shows, and discuss some of the special issues facing the 3-D artist.

The problem was that my life was busy.  I had just moved into  a new place, I had (and still have) a wondrful day job, and I was already volunteering on at least one convention committee.  I didn’t have the bandwith to take on another project and I certainly wasn’t able to commit to anything like a regular publishing schedule.  The project was put aside until the time came that I could deal with it.

Time passes.  My husband and I discover stained glass.  I learn how to sell it on Etsy.  I start doing research on a real web site for our fledgling business and I learn from ittybiz.com that blogging can be a valuable tool for building a community around your products or services.  I learn about WordPress.

All of this has been great fodder for the whole stained glass thing, but last night it hit me,  instead of trying to create a fanzine for 3-D SF&F artists, I could create a blog.  It’d be far less work up front.  It will be far easier to do a post a day instead of trying to create multi-page articles.  And it would be far less daunting for other people to submit their own content.  And I could still periodically gather the best posts into a fanzine.

So here it is.  If you create Science Fiction or Fantasy art in wood, or polyclay, or metal, or paper, or leather, or whatever, as long as it has depth, you are welcome here.  I’ll be looking for guest posters as soon as I figure this thing out so if there is anything you’d like to write about just let me know.